I live to write or better yet I write to breath

Okay So each morning I get up, send my kids off to school and sit down and I have to write. If I don’t I get tightness in my chest, can’t catch my breath, dry mouth. I have to take a swig of my glass of water, only to find it’s not there. What do I do? Get a new one. Yeah, common sense tells me I should have one in the dishwasher. Except the dishwasher holds dirty dishes. Forgot to run the load last night. Cabinet. My cabinet has clean cups. Nope. Just kids sippy cups. Oh well, I guess back to ol’ fashion hand washing. Washed it. Dried it. Got my water and finally sat down with my water to write and I could breath.


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3 responses to “I live to write or better yet I write to breath

  1. Yes, I KNOW how that is!! Finding the time to write is one thing, finding the discipline is another, and actually staying in the chair to write is a near miracle! 🙂

    • Thanks for joining! How about having a big boxer squeeze under your desk when you finally make the time to write. The big bozo lays on your feet drooling and no amout of kicking gets him to move. No the stupid birds chirping outside and he bolts. Almost taking you and your comfort writing chair with him too. Damn, now you have to readjust your entire mojo to even begin to write the opening scene.

  2. I remember those days, but now with kids grown and retired from 9 to 5, staying in that chair isn’t any easier!

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