Query or not to Query

Okay, so you have a finished manuscript (mms), now what?

Well, let me back track a year earlier. Why? Because, I thought I was done with my mss. So, I wanted to share it with the the world! Query time! I knew it all, right! Right/ Wrong!

I was so wrong I still get it wrong! When an agent tells you it’s fantastic, go with it! Don’t listen to others! For example, my protag killed the guy, the rest is background, not needed, you’ll find that out later. Then you move on like what’s next —–

The Queen sends Ronan to protect her now that fire … you get it —-

So what did I do? Well I took classes, expanded my craft and got an editor – then rewrote my mss – one last time – and now ready to query –

Did you have a critique partner? I was fortunate enough to land a fabulous one! I am a member to a wonderful group for writers’ of youg adult, middle grade, and has grown to other avenues. http://yalitchat.ning.com/ it was here I posted – seeking a critique partner and found my angel of words. We help one another.

Did you read it? Yeah, I wrote it

Best news my query letter tightened up Emily Keyes from L Perkins Agency requested 3 chapters and my synopsis.

Now I wait – I’ll tell you my adventure from there to query tomorrow!

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