Nouns and verbs

Writers have a rich disposal of words at their fingertips and I’m here to help: Here is one word that is found a plethora of times in books and what if we had a chance to explore that word into a different world? What would we find? We would find an alphabet of these words climbing down a tree:


1. acquire, secure, get, obtain, gain, procure, come by, Sl. cop; catch, seize, capture; hold, grasp, grip, clasp, embrace; garner, harvest, gather, glean; reach, attain, achieve, win; receive, accept, react or respond to; have, possess, experience, feel.
2.   pick, hand-pick, select, choose, single out, set apart; prefer, favor, opt for; make one’s choice or decision, decide or settle upon.
3.   derive, stem from, come from, originate with, hail from; extract, quote, cite, excerpt.
4.   ingest, swallow, eat, drink, consume; devour, gobble up, gulp down, bolt, wolf, Inf. put away; snack, nosh, nibble.
5.   use, utilize, make use of, avail oneself of.
6.   undergo, endure, bear, go through, pass through; tolerate, brook, abide, stand, withstand, put up with; swallow, stomach, digest, pocket.
7.   carry off, remove, appropriate; steal, rob, purloin, pilfer, abstract, fleece, Sl. swipe, Sl. pinch; shoplift; palm, Sl. boost, walk off with, Sl. crook, Sl. cop, Sl. rip off; pirate, Sl. lift, Inf. crib, plagiarize; confiscate, impound, commandeer, arrogate, usurp, expropriate, accroach; peculate, embezzle, misappropriate, Law. defalcate.
8.   kill, destroy, put to death; liquidate, erase, obliterate, blot or wipe out, carry off, finish off; annihilate, exterminate, massacre, decimate.
9.   Usu. take away or off subtract, deduct, withdraw, remove, Archaic. subduct; discount, Inf. lop off, Sl. knock off, reduce; take from, devalue, devaluate, lessen, weaken, diminish.
10.   carry, Inf. tote, bear, bring, deliver, transmit; convey, transport; conduct, escort, guide, usher, lead.
11.   clear, negotiate, get over or around, hurdle; vault or leap or spring or bound over; make it over.
12.   captivate, charm, attract, fascinate; delight, enchant, enthrall, enrapture, bewitch; lure, snare, ensnare; dazzle, transport, mesmerize, hypnotize; hold [s.o.’s] attention, entertain, divert, amuse.
13.   require, call for, need, have need for, demand, insist upon, want.
14.   occupy, fill, fill up, use up, consume.
15.   act, perform, do, execute; operate, work, take effect, be effective, be efficacious; Inf. do the trick.
16.   study, pursue, practice, learn, take up; school oneself in, steep oneself in, apply oneself to, occupy oneself with; prepare for a career in.
17.   grasp, understand, comprehend, apprehend, get; realize, perceive, know.
18.   assume, undertake, adopt, enter upon, begin, set about, attend to; take upon oneself, accept, take responsibility for.
19.   Often take it presume, understand, gather, infer, deduce; suppose, guess, surmise, deem, reckon, suspect; imagine, believe, fancy, think.
20.   take after resemble, look like, favor, remind one of, be the spit and image or spitting image of, be a chip off the old block; be like, bear resemblance to, be out of the same mold or cut from the same cloth, be brothers under the skin; echo, reflect, mirror, image, copy.
21.   take off after follow, chase, give chase, pursue, run or fly after, make after, Brit. chevy; hound, dog, bedog; stalk, course, track, run down.
22.   take back a. repossess, re-claim; accept back, welcome, forgive, forgive and forget. b. exchange, return, bring back; trade, swap, switch; get one’s money back. c. remind, put in mind of, awake or call up memories of, make nostalgic. d. retract, recant, unsay, disavow, Inf. eat or swallow one’s words; deny, gainsay, repudiate, disclaim; back down, renege, backtrack, back-pedal, Inf. flip-flop.
23.   take down a. lower, let down, depress, drop; let sink, vail, dip. b. dismantle, disassemble, take apart, tear down; raze, level, demolish, destroy, fell. c. record, write down, put in or commit to writing; set down, chronicle, document, make a note or memorandum of. d. humble, humiliate, mortify, shame, disgrace; degrade, debase, abase; discredit, devalue, detract; belittle, demean, deprecate, disparage.
24.   take in a. admit, let in, open the door to, give access or entrée to. b. lodge, board, house, quarter, billet, accommodate. c.include, encompass, embrace, contain, comprise, cover. d. grasp, comprehend; assimilate, absorb. e. deceive, trick, cheat, defraud; cozen, dupe, gull, pull the wool over [s.o.’s] eyes, bamboozle, hoodwink, Sl. hornswoggle; bilk, swindle, overcharge, mulct, Sl. soak, Sl. clip. f. observe, notice, note; see, perceive, pick up, Inf. catch; not miss a trick or thing.
25.   take it out of Informal. a. exhaust, drain, enervate, tire, fatigue, weary; wind, fag, Inf. tucker, Inf. bush, Sl. poop out. b. penalize, punish; exact payment, extort, wrest, wrench, wring, milk, bleed, squeeze.
26.   take on a. hire, employ, engage, retain, contract with, secure the services of, enlist, Inf. take on board. b. undertake, assume. See take (def. 18). c. challenge, face, pit oneself against, contend against, oppose, rival, compete with, vie with. d. overreact, emote, overplay, overact; get excited or all excited, Inf. get in a stir or tizzy or dither; blow one’s top, Sl. lose one’s cool, Sl. go bonkers or bananas or ape.
27.   take up a. occupy, cover, extend over; overlay, overspread, blanket, mantle, canopy, carpet. b. consume, use up, absorb, expend; wipe out, destroy, kill. c. continue, resume, pick up, go on with; begin again or anew, recommence. d. lift, hoist; raise, elevate, upraise, set upright, upright.
28.   taking, grasping, grabbing; seizure, appropriation, obtainment, procurement, acquisition.
29.   Slang. profits, gain, revenue, income, return; winnings, proceeds, Sl. velvet, Sl. clean-up; surplus, excess, leftover, Sl. gravy, net, bottom line; booty, plunder, Sl. swag.
30.   on the take Slang. acquisitive, greedy, grasping, avaricious, covetous; venal, mercenary, opportunistic, Inf. on the make; self-seeking, self-serving, self-aggrandizing.

And this was obtained from my software masterwriter. More will be presented tomorrow on words!

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