Inciting Incident

The opening scene features the inciting incident, which is dramatic event that creates the initial surface problem and set up the introduction to the story worthy problem, which is the raison d’être of the entire story.

Back story is all that has gone on before the inciting incident.

And the setup is just that, whatever it takes to let the reader understand what’s going on when the inciting incident occurs. The setup can also include a bit of back story, but most the time back story is it necessary. Usually, the setup is brief.

This is just an example. I point out because the book actually uses a similar structure to you because the author says, “perhaps all that’s needed to show a man and a woman sitting in a restaurant and the man speaks.”

The author goes on in says once the inciting incident has taken place the course of the story is set. He uses an example that Tom’s attempt to resolve the initial surface problem ends, as to all his attempt to resolve this problem (him help the final act, of course), in disaster? All it appears he is successful-after all, he’s saved himself and his customers from harm-this act lands him on the television news where mobsters from his former like seeing him and show up in town with the goal of forcing him to return to his brother (who now runs to the mob) to answer for their crimes he committed in his “old” see life.

Stemming from that 1st scene (the inciting incident) and when she decides to revert to his old self and kill the bad guys. Each act he takes to resolve his surface problem and simply a mirror which simultaneously serves to further illuminate Tom’s story worthy problem-to both himself and viewers-to resolve these past and reconcile his misdeeds with his peasant life and goals (his family). When the bad guys show up to bring him back to his brother, he tries to convince them they have the wrong guy.

But you know all this, so I don’t want to repeat myself. An interesting statement I found in the book is he says look at movies to figure out where writing is or should be going film and television are doing them most in training readers these days. The astute writer will realize that and write accordingly. (I guess I’m ahead of the game? J). One could only dream, right.

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