7. Be critical of your work

This brings us on to the commandment of number seven: critiquing your own work. I don’t know how you are about reviewing your own work, but for me I am the worst. I seem to not be able to leave it alone.So this is what I have to say about Commandment number seven,

7. Be critical of your work

Writers live with the hope that someday they will read what they’ve written and not want to tear it up. The bad news is that the better you become as a writer, the more critical you are of your writing. The more you know about writing, the less you can tolerate bad writing (your own or others’). The good news is this critical ability will make you better. You will learn to reject the predictable and strive for invigorating style, plotting and characterization. Stop worrying that you’ll never be a good enough writer, and embrace the inner critic.

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