8. Develop thick skin

Thin ice won’t do in this industry, baby. Harsh I know, but it has to be said. So buck up and develop a thick skin. Commandment number eight is developing a thick skin.

8. Develop thick skin
As a beginning writer I dreamed of the day when I would never have to face another rejection. Forty published books and 12 sold screenplays later, not a day goes by when something I’ve written or proposed to be written isn’t rejected by someone. Usually some publisher or producer buys what I’ve written, but not always. I still have a few unsold novels stashed in my garage, rejected stories and poems in my filing cabinet, script treatments on my desk.

Rejection still stings. But it doesn’t hurt as long as it used to because I have so many projects to pursue. I no longer mope around and curse the short-sightedness of a universe that fails to recognize my genius. LOL I just work on the next project. And if the same manuscript keeps getting rejected for the same reason, I re-evaluate the work and rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite it.

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