10. There are no certainties – Really – they’re not!

The only constant in life is change. Remember that folks. So here it are last commandment number ten!

10. There are no certainties
William Goldman said it about Hollywood in his excellent primer for screenwriters, Adventures in the Screen Trade (Warner Books), but it applies equally to all writing. No one knows for sure what’s going to sell and what isn’t. (take a look at the phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey) If an agent from a big agency or an editor from a major publisher rejects your book saying that no one’s interested in that type of story anymore, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. (this is where your persistence, persistence, persistence comes in to play) Think of all the “knowledgeable” studio execs who rejected Star Wars or big-shot editors who turned down The Godfather or even Fifty Shades of Grey.

You must develop your own instincts about writing and have faith in them even when no one else does. That doesn’t mean you will be inflexible to suggestions, it just means you will feel confident in whatever decisions you make.

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