continuing on with plotting fiction , step number # 2

2. Characterization

 remember it’s more than just hair color and body frame and height.

oh yeah, what’s his first name, middle name, and last name.

backtrack, is it a he or she?

What about their sexual preference?

now what about their astrological sign, which means they have to have a birthday?

siblings, mother, father?

Generally, books succeed or fail on the strength of their characters, more so than on the strength of their plots. Box 2 is where you explore what makes your protagonist tick. No, this isn’t an excuse for drawn out exposition, history, or back story. If your triggering event is captivating, the reader will discover enough about the protagonist in Box 2 simply by reading how he or she reacts to the event.

this is where you can be creative about your protagonist or multiple protectionists. You’re the author of your book.

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