5. Don’t pick a post-rejection fight.

5. Don’t pick a post-rejection fight.

Sure, editors do dumb things sometimes (see: misspelling your name). But there are some things we do that you shouldn’t get upset about. Remember, freelancing is all about earning and maintaining relationships—on both our parts.

Mad that we sent you a form letter-ish rejection? We feel sort of cheap every time we do it, but there’s a reason the business works that way: There’s just too much in our inboxes to reply to everything in an authentic, personalized manner.

Mad that it took us too long to respond? Hey, you’ve read the news about the publishing industry, re: layoffs. It can be a ghost town around here. Those of us left work some semi-terrifying hours. But we do it because we love it, and nothing makes our hearts flutter more than finding the perfect article. So give us a break.

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