6. Don’t trash an editor online.

6. Don’t trash an editor online.

If you don’t like the fact that we rejected your story, that’s fine. We understand—most of us have gotten rejected, too, and it really is a natural part of being a writer. But so is having Google Alerts (google.com/alerts) set up on your name—you know, those email notifications we get every day that tell us who mentioned us (or our magazines) on blogs, social networks, etc. So be professional, even if you think we’re being jerks. Publishing is an incestuous business, and even though a writer may not care about burning a bridge with a certain editor, we talk, and word gets around about who’s best to work with—and who is the literary equivalent of bitter decaf in our morning two-liter. E.g., the person who just called us a twit on Twitter.

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