4. Anything special that may connect an agent to your pitch?

4. Anything special that may connect an agent to your pitch?

One unusual thing I took into account when I was looking for an agent was whether or not the agent had young kids. The topic of my book is about the early years of raising daughters, and I thought an agent who was also anewer parent would relate better with my topic and writing style than ones who didn’t (after all, an agent who has never changed a dirty diaper may not find the hilarity that can be found in changing dirty diapers). Keep this open-minded approach when creating a list of potential agents for your book. Does the agent have a connection to World War II (which is the setting of your novel)? Is the agent’s favorite TV show “Game of Thrones” (and you’re writing a unofficial guidebook for it)? While not always available, sometimes it is—and agents give it away in interviews and on social media outlets like Twitter.

Asking myself these questions and targeting the right people led me to the perfect agent for OH BOY: Tina Wexler, with ICM Partners. She represents nonfiction and humor, works for an agency that is well known for its TV/film development department, was accepting new clients and has a young son. After some email correspondence and one amazing phone call, it was clear that she was the agent for me (and, thankfully, she felt I was a fit with her as well). It was and is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a writer. Hands down.

Good luck with your agent search!

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