3. Get In That Trash Compactor

3. Get In That Trash Compactor

Yes, get in there. I don’t care what you smell. Writing means getting dirty. It means waking up early and getting at least 300 words down before you shower for work. It means taking notes on the back of your grocery receipt at the stoplight. It means shutting off the TV (and the Netflix, for all of you “I don’t own a TV” snobs like me) andwriting instead. And don’t write clean either. Get sloppy. See typos in the last paragraph? Forget them. Keep going. Don’t know how to wrap up a chapter? Say so in boldface, offset it with a few asterisks, and start the next chapter. Go back to it later, but keep pushing. If you don’t dive in and do it, you’ll never do it. Sure, next Sunday will be a better day for writing than today, but guess what? In between, you’re not writing. And if you’re not writing, you’re not a writer, you’re just sitting in a prison bay taking pot shots from Stormtroopers. So dive in, flyboy.

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