5. I have a really bad feeling about this.

5. I have a really bad feeling about this.

Most major Star Wars character have uttered this quotable line, and it’s always true. That bad feeling is going to lead to some nasty events—you know, like being frozen in carbonite, losing a hand, finding out your father is pretty much the biggest jerk in the whole galaxy, or that girl you like is actually your sister. Woof.

Those gut instincts were accurate. So are yours. Don’t like where a chapter is going. Hit that delete key NOW. Don’t think you’re using semi-colons correctly? You’re not. Unsure if this is the right agent to read your manuscript? She isn’t. You think the ending is a little cheesy? That means it’s stinkier than moldy Muenster, baby.

Writing well, finding your voice, and achieving your publishing goals are all about trusting your gut. Listen when it speaks, and act accordingly.

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