Tick vs Tic

Tick vs Tic 

Frequently Confused Homonyms

English is replete with homonyms, words that are pronounced the same way but are spelled differently and mean different things:


Tick vs Tic

 Tick:  noun \ˈtik\

1 :  any of a superfamily (Ixodoidea) of bloodsucking acarid arachnids that are larger than the related mites, attach themselves to warm-blooded vertebrates to feed, and include important vectors of infectious diseases

2:  any of various usually wingless parasitic dipteran flies —

Phrasal Verb:

tick off Informal

To make angry or annoyed: 

 Constant delays ticked me off.

Gordon’s face occasionally twitched with a nervous tick.

I could hear the clock tick .

His old heart is still ticking.

Tick the box next to your choice.

Tic:  noun \ˈtik\

1:  local and habitual spasmodic motion of particular muscles especially of the face :  twitching

2 :  a frequent usually unconscious quirk of behavior or speech<“you know” is a verbal tic>

Should be tic—a periodic spasm of the facial muscles Nothing to do with small bloodsucking arachnids.

The verbal tic “you know” often occurs in her speech.

She was constantly playing with her hair is one of her more annoying tics.

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