5 Things Writers Are Thankful to Have

5 Things Writers Are Thankful to Have.

With Thanksgiving behind us, we can still be thankful. I thought it might be a good exercise to share five things for which I’m personally thankful to have, in regards to my writing. There are other things for which I’m thankful, and I’m sure other writers have their own Top 5 list, but here goes mine:

  • Time to Write. Often, I have to fight and sacrifice for this time. It means not watching television, not sleeping as much as I’d like, and other things. However, I’m thankful that I am capable of having time to find in the first place.
  • Time to Read. As important as the writing is the reading. This is where I find inspiration, instruction, new worlds, old worlds, familiar worlds revealed in new ways, and so on.
  • Writing Implements. It’s usually to find me without a couple pens and paper on me, and I’m thankful for that luxury. I’m also thankful for the ability to type directly into my computer, leave voice messages with poem and story ideas on my cell phone, and other means that I employ to “write.”
  • Life Experiences. The good on one side, the bad on another. I am thankful for both sides, because that’s where I pull the most for my worldview, my character development, my dialogue, my ideas, etc.
  • Readers. While I would write for myself (and that’s how I started, after all), I am thankful to have readers. For instance, look at the nice comments about Solving the World’s Problems on Amazon. How can I not be thankful for that? Each reader is precious to me. Thank you.

One more (because I just thought of it): Mentors and contemporaries. For me, that includes other poets and bloggers. I’m the type of person who pays attention to what others do. As such, I’m so thankful to have so many great examples of writers and generous human beings after which to model my own efforts. Thank you!

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