When I began my journey as a writer, I was eager – eager to write wonderful stories and even more eager to send them out into the world so that readers could enjoy them. But, my eagerness was met with rejection – lots of rejection. Instead of giving up, I turned my eagerness into determination. I became determined to learn what I needed to learn in order to turn my writing into something marketable. I learned that my stories needed one thing in order to get better – revision. In order for me to know how to revise my writing, I had to do one thing – listen. Here are six ways in which listening will help you in revising your fiction:


1. Listen to your critique group. When I first began to write, I was fortunate to meet some wonderful writers who became fabulous friends. We met regularly to work on our manuscripts. We worked to give constructive feedback to one another and because we listened to each other, our writing got better. We listened when the group told us the funny parts weren’t really all that funny. We listened when the group thought our chapters were too long. We listened when the group couldn’t relate to our characters. Listening to the group’s honest feedback made us dig deeper into our stories, making them stronger and better.

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