Attitude – 

It’s not just for smart-mouthed characters.  Attitude equals tone, in the sense of our characters.  Below is a list of some ‘attitudes’ our MCs can bring to the table.  These might look like emotions to you, but don’t be fooled—this is about how your MC deals with the world, not feelings.  Pick one or two (that somewhat go together), then consistently focus your MC’s thoughts and words through that lens. Make momentary adjustments when certain scenes call for it, then get right back to the ‘tone’.

  • Wistful, hopeful
  • Mistrustful, suspicious
  • Upbeat, humorous
  • Sarcastic, exasperated
  • Depressed, frustrated
  • Crazy, no-holds-barred
  • Jaded, angry, resentful

Keep in mind many of the factors that go into creating voice also fit in the character-building slot, but it’s not exactly the same thing. 

Here are a few more tools we can use to amp up the voice in our writing:

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