Sealing the Deal

What agents won’t tell you is that every email and conversation with us is a testing ground. Can we trust you to handle communications professionally—not just with us, but also with our publishing contacts who would be involved in seeing your book through to publication and beyond? We are well aware that the behavior of our clients can reflect upon us. We want to know you’re polite, open to suggestions, and enjoyable to work with.
To gauge your flexibility, we’ll ask you some questions, and we also expect you to show that you’re thoughtful and savvy by asking a few of your own. This conversation is the final step in making the leap from wish list to client list.
Questions an agent may ask:
• Are you willing to further expand your platform?
• Are you open to revisions? (Basically that’s a trap—say yes and mean it!)
• Do you have the time to revise prior to publication?
Questions you should ask:
• What kind of revisions do you foresee?
• Who do you see as a potential audience for my work?
• Do you have experience selling in my genre? And do you have specific publishers in mind for my book?
If there are other agents you’re waiting to hear from, this is the time to let us know. We’re hoping you can’t imagine anyone else representing you, but we understand that partnering with an agent is an important decision. Out of consideration, set a reasonable timeline of up to three weeks to make a final choice.

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