eBook vs. Print Book … by Nancy Baumann August 8, 2014

… It’s Not An Either/Or Situation!

Guest post by Chris Robley, BookBaby


The eBook Argument

By now, most self-published authors understand the benefits of selling eBooks:

  • low cost of entry into the marketplace
  • affordable distribution that gives you worldwide reach
  • no manufacturing costs per unit (beyond the initial design, formatting, and conversion)
  • unlimited and eternal shelf-space
  • nearly instant delivery to your fans
  • highly portable and customizable reading experience
  • readability across devices (tablet, smartphone, eReader, desktop, etc.)
  • and much more

But, believe it or not, there are still quite a few “holdouts” that refuse to offer their books in digital format. The usual argument is that a book — especially THEIR book — is worth more than $2.99, or $4.99, or $9.99, or whatever the trending eBook price may be, so they’re sticking to print books, which warrant (at least in their imagination) a higher price tag.

Unfortunately, they’re confusing price with value. For most undiscovered authors,  their books are only WORTH what readers are willing to pay for them, which usually isn’t much. At least when you publish an eBook, which has no additional reproduction costs beyond the creation of the ePUB or MOBI file, you can keep the price low and make up in volume what you lose in revenue per unit sold. This is a proven method for building a readership, and print-only self-publishers are missing out.

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