eBook or printed book– #3 reason

  1. Take advantage of additional publicity opportunities

There are a bunch of book blogs and review sites that will write about your e-only book. And there are plenty of recommendation engines that will index your eBook in their databases. But with the ease of ePublishing comes a glut of eBooks on the market. For this reason, many book reviewers, critics, editors, media producers, and podcast hosts will only write about or feature print books. It goes back to that whole legitimacy perception mentioned above.

Anyone can publish a digital book; not all authors are serious enough about their craft and career to publish a beautifully designed, professionally printed book — or so the thinking goes. That’s why eBook-only titles are disqualified from a number of opportunities involving publicity or media coverage.

eBook or printed book?

The answer is simple: both.

In fact, it’s possible that a successful self-published author today needs to have, as Richard Nash says, “A product for everyone; a price-point for everyone” — not just an eBook and paperback version, but also an autographed hardcover edition for the die-hard fans, an expanded eBook with supplemental material for your most dedicated readers, and more.

A free sample chapter or low-priced eBook may act as a “gateway drug” to your entire body of work, but once they’re hooked, your readers should be able to purchase your writing in THEIR preferred format. Make sure you’re meeting your readers’ needs. That’s how you get paid, after all.

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