5 Writing Challenges All Writers Face (& How to Deal With Them)  

Being a writer is challenging at times. It’s not just the writing. Over the last two years, I’ve written a nonfiction book, built my platform, worked on my website (more than once), hosted book talks, and now I continue to write for several websites as a guest expert in the area of self-help and women’s issues.

Writing challenges vary and can be more or less on any given day, but they generally fall into five categories.

  1. Distractions, when the kids or my husband seem helpless. They really are not.
    2. Feeling overwhelmed, when the demands are more than I can handle some days.
    3. Crickets, when the audience is too quiet. It can take time to build an audience, and I know that my work is out there in a sea filled with other impassioned authors.
    4. Feelings, when readers share their personal stories and my heart aches for what they’re going through.
    5. Negative feedback, when a mistake is made (and they happen to everybody) or when someone doesn’t understand my message or completely disagrees.

In response to these challenges, and with a lot of trial and error,  I use a couple of techniques to help me stay the course and keep writing.

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