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Facebook page created!

What are 3 words that describe your writing?

Sexual-tension, suspenseful, exciting

What are 3 words that strongly dislike if someone else described your writing?

Too slow going, teasing, long waiting

What are 3 words that describe you on a personal level?

kind, patient, tenacious

What are you proud to have accomplished with your writing?

I have two more books to complete the series of this first one that I have completed. What Im proud of is the hard work and I did finish it. I love my characters Ive created in the spiderweb of villains.

What would make you feel successful as a writer (a particular award, a certain amount of book sales, getting a certain publisher, interviewing with a particular columnist)?

Would make me feel successful as a writer would be (I chuckle at myself when I think of this) recognized as a national bestseller. I am not afraid of hard work.

What inspires your writing?

My children inspire me thus my writing is inspired through dreams and the love of writing itself. But I know Ive been writing since third grade and always loved putting words together to create stories. This particular story was a journey for me. I, Marija Carpenter writing as MJ Markovski was born in Detroit, Michigan to Macedonian immigrant parents, grow very sheltered, and then moved to Arizona for college. Ended up staying in Tucson.

Who inspires you personally to achieve your goals?

This book came out of from my experiences. The journey to writing Whatever It Takes came to me not only from a dream but when my husband at the time had left not only me but my family. We had been together since I was the age of eighteen.

But my journey to writing seriously began 2009/2010 when I became disabled. I had a very bad exacerbation from MS. The doctors thought I would die from that attack but here I am and the worst is I’m currently in an electric wheelchair for mobility. For now. I look at it as God’s way for me to have more time to write

I don’t let my illness define who I am.

I guess it would be my parents because whenever they start a project they completed. So when I start something I mean to finish it. Ive always been that way.

What is your biggest fear with your writing and sharing your story with the world?

If theres a fear I have it would be my illness that may hold me back. Ive been through too much to be afraid of what the world may think of my writing and my story. My writing may not be for everyones like and I dont expect it to be. As for the story its not for everyone. But I like to share it with the world and that’s why we writers write to share our stories.

What kind of relationship to you have with your publisher?

I have a good relationship with my publisher. They listen to me and take my suggestions.

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This is the shout out that I put in my application for an author page through good reads! I will be asking for reviews, reviews, and reviews on my book that will be launched in 10 days. Yes just 10 days.

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It’s official!

It’s official–my business has officially been started and recognized! It is an S corporation. Business name MJ Markovski, Inc.

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It’s been so long!

That’s an understatement. Sorry for my absence but I been writing and writing and writing. And so I’ve been absent from media which I shouldn’t do. That’s a big no-no. No excuses it’s like born caught they’re like blank blank blank–fill in the blank. You get what I mean.

So I added the hell out of my novel titled: Whatever it Takes. But I had a lot of help along the way. I’m not gonna lie writing is hard but I love it.

So the book is live in on Amazon for presale they Kindle version and the soft copy. I’m also going to be hiring a publicist. So I can get help to get the word out. So any help I can get out there would be much appreciated. The book may not be for everyone but just saying hey I know someone who is an author just published. And this is her story Phyllis give her hand or whatever.

My journey to write this story started with distress. My husband for many years, 20+ nodding left me but the family and devastated all of us. As one thing about me when I fall in love, I fall in hard. But instead of crumbling and crying I poured the energy into writing a story, a fictional one at that. And within six months my story was born. Was born caught

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Title to my book which the authors’ page will be coming soon to Amazon! Be on the lookout

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3. What in my setting gets ignored or taken for granted?

While life’s biggest mysteries are the most obvious targets for world-editing, let’s not forget to consider some of the small questions people neglect to ask because they think they know the answers. Take advantage of the “monster under the bed” effect – enigmas lurk in unwatched and unexamined places. That one house on the corner whose inhabitants you’ve never seen. Those weird symbols on money. The timing of traffic lights. The camera that’s pointed at you right now.

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2. What don’t we know about my setting?

Even in a world constantly under smartphone and satellite surveillance, there are plenty of unanswered questions, so this is your chance to come up with the wildest answers you can. [Like this quote? Click here to Tweet and share it!] Where does human inspiration come from? Was the universe created for some purpose? What makes two people fall in love? What happens after death? These and other perennially unanswered questions create opportunities. Even in fiction, the educated public might scoff at supernatural explanations for diseases, weather, or the movement of the stars — but when it comes to life’s most intractable questions, you have freedom to provide creative answers without insulting readers’ intelligence.

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